This Top-Rated Coway Air Purifier Is 30% Off Right Now

This Top-Rated Coway Air Purifier Is 30% Off Right Now

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With endorsements from Wirecutter, Consumer Reports and Gear Patrol (along with thousands upon thousands of Amazon reviews), Coway is one of the most highly rated brands in the crowded space of air purification. When a Coway air purifier is on sale, you want to act fast to grab one at a discounted price.

Right now, you can get the popular Coway Airmega 1512HH air purifier for 30% off its list price at Amazon. Unlike many bulky (and downright hideous) home appliances, the polished design of this device will actually make you want to show it off. It comes in black, white and a luxurious black and gold WiFi-enabled option (which is not on sale), and could easily become your favorite machine-turned-home decor.

The sleek purifier has a complex, three-stage filter that captures and reduces up to 99.97% of irritating particles ― including pollen, pollutants and other allergens ― along with odors and volatile organic compounds (like airborne gases from your gas stove).

It’s designed to purify rooms of up to 867 square feet and has a timer feature you can set to run one, four or eight hours before it automatically shuts off. It comes in black and white and measures 16.8 inches by 18.3 inches by 9.7 inches.

When it comes time to replace your filters (the odor filter every six months and the HEPA once a year) the process couldn’t be any easier and a complete replacement set is easily available to grab with your purchase.

You can see some promising reviews for the Coway down below or head back up to snag one for an impressive 30% off its regular price.

Promising Amazon reviews:

“Three weeks in and we couldn’t be happier with this filter. Quiet and effective. If it detects contaminants the light turns red and the fan kicks up to high, which is a bit loud (when set to auto), but it doesn’t run high for long.
We have a woodstove for heat, which creates a lot of dust. This has cut it back a lot, and has cut the amount of dusting I have to do overall.
We’re both breathing easier, and its cut down on the smell of our 2 large house dogs.” — SpragueRiverHomestead

“Fed up with musty odors and dust this winter, we got several air purifiers. This one deserves its top reputation. It really cleans the air in a room―even a large room. I used to wake up with a headache every day; once we started using this guy, those were a thing of the past. My son was having trouble with allergies (probably to dust or mold), and we swapped units. After he started running this one in his room, he was fine. He could get a similar result with the other units only by running them at a higher, noisy level.
The sleep mode is not completely silent, but quiet enough for me (a light sleeper). It is also not completely dark, but it’s easy enough to put an opaque object over the bright LED that can’t be turned off when the unit is on.
One really great feature of this purifier is that if it loses power and then the power comes on again, it will start up with the same setting it was on before. All of our other air purifiers, once the power goes off, you have to manually turn it on again for it to run. Why does this matter? I plugged the Coway airmega into a smart plug so that I can control it from afar―turn it on when I’m away from home, or schedule it to run for a certain number of hours each day and turn itself off and on again. I can’t do that with the Levoits.” — Emommy

“I have two Coway air purifiers in my apartment and have run them non-stop for nearly 5 years, aside from cleaning and changing filters. Online reviews said they are durable and this is quite true. Some of my favorite features:
– Easy to service. There are three layers of filtration – a screen behind the front cover that captures lint, hair, large items, an activated charcoal filter to remove odors and a true HEPA filter behind that. Removing the outer cover to vacuum the screen is very easy. Accessing the other filters is also a snap.
– Very durable. As I mentioned, mine are nearly 5 years old and one has always been in a room with my two boys, so seen its fair share of knocks.
– Ability to run int auto mode where it speeds up if it detects pollutants
– Adjustable sensitivity to pollutants
– Three fan speeds. The first two are nearly silent. The 3rd (high) makes a decent amount of noise, but the only time I ever use high is during extreme wildfire/smog events or if cooking something smokey. Middle speed moves plenty of air and should be all you need.
The only con I can think of is that my interior designer wife is not crazy about their appearance. Doesn’t bother me. One of my favorite home products.” — SeattleGreen

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