This Steam Award sandbox detective sim is 20% off in the Winter Sale

This Steam Award sandbox detective sim is 20% off in the Winter Sale

Shadows of Doubt, shortlisted for this year’s Steam Awards, is a sandbox detective sim that gives you a whole town’s worth of crimes to solve. Or, if you’d prefer, you can go on the rampage through this procedurally generated, noir-style world. Either way, it’s 20% off on Steam and it’s not to be missed.

Shadows of Doubt may be in Steam Early Access but there’s enough meat on this detective game’s bones to keep you playing until next Christmas.

Set in a gloomy, voxel-art style city, your private investigator is tasked with solving murders, catching spouses and kicking doors in when people come to open them. Okay, that last one isn’t an official duty, but what makes Shadows of Doubt such a treat is the sheer freedom it gives you.

You can go full ‘bad cop’ if you so desire, as long as you get the job done and don’t get seen doing anything too terrible.  From searching apartments and office buildings through to interrogating suspects and demolishing their lies, there’s very little you can’t do, short of wielding an actual gun.

There’s a serial killer at large, too, but there’s so much you can up to, legal or otherwise, you may just get distracted. The city is procedurally generated so while you can stick with one city, if you want a challenge you can start all over again, with a brand new world, with new citizenry.

Rated Very Positive on Steam, it’s not surprising that Shadows of Doubt is in the running for a Steam Award, for the Most Innovative Gameplay Award. And, as a Steam Early Access game, it can only get better.

Thanks to the Steam Winter Sale it’s 20% off, making it $15.99/£12.79. So if you’ve ever fancied yourself as the next Columbo, grab Shadows of Doubt on Steam. For other games that give you plenty of freedom, here are the best sandbox games and open world games.

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