Institutional Investment in Crypto to Escalate with Approval of Spot Bitcoin ETF, Goldman Sachs Expert Anticipates

Institutional Investment in Crypto to Escalate with Approval of Spot Bitcoin ETF, Goldman Sachs Expert Anticipates

In an interview with Fox Business, with less than a week remaining for the spot Bitcoin ETF decision, the Head of Digital Assets at Goldman Sachs, Mathew McDermott, has shed light on the significant developments witnessed in the digital assets space over the past year. 

A notable trend has been the increasing participation of traditional financial institutions, marking a pivotal shift in the industry landscape.

What did McDermott opine?

McDermott emphasized, “Digital assets can create efficiencies, de-risk, and positively impact business models.” He emphasized that the increased awareness of the potential benefits of digital assets for traditional financial operations is the reason for this upsurge in involvement. The global improvement in regulatory clarity has further cultivated an atmosphere favorable to investigation and adoption.

“The digital asset market has matured to a stage where there is a broader acceptance that the technology works,” noted McDermott. He further stated, “Building out and creating scale is where you start to see the commercial value proposition come to fruition.”

What’s the possible future?

Looking ahead, McDermott predicts the emergence of marketplaces as a significant development in the coming year. “Next year, we’ll start to see the development of marketplaces, particularly across the buy side,” he said. 

Anticipating increased adoption, especially among investors on the buy side, McDermott envisions this driven by establishing secondary liquidity on-chain.

He emphasized, “The emergence of secondary liquidity on-chain is a key enabler for scale adoption.”

McDermott additionally predicts a notable improvement in collateral mobility over the next year. “There’s still a lot of inefficiencies that are a function of systems many decades old,” he explained. 

By addressing issues such as ‘custody fragmentation’ and ‘settlement synchronization’, the technology will streamline operations, leading to more efficient use of capital and liquidity.

McDermott stated, “As you kind of play that through, and this is what I fully expect for next year…”

While McDermott predicts significant growth in adoption from the buy side in 2023, he envisions 2024 will witness a focus on more conventional asset classes.

“I fully expect a significant growth in adoption from the buy side next year,” he asserted. 

In conclusion… 

The financial industry is experiencing significant changes as digital assets are increasingly being integrated into traditional institutions’ operations. These changes are expected to revolutionize the industry landscape and lead to promising advancements. 

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