Drivers could be fined £100 for depending on automatic headlights

Drivers could be fined £100 for depending on automatic headlights

Automatic headlights feature a sensor which can turn on the vehicle’s lights when it is getting dark outside.

Whilst it can be a useful feature, the lights may not turn on when driving in bad weather conditions, such as fog or heavy rain, during the day.

The John Clark Motor Group also noted that some systems will automatically turn on the headlights whilst keeping the taillights switched off, increasing the potential of rear end crashes.

It is important that drivers make sure that they use their vehicle’s headlamps effectively all year round, with the Highway Code stating they must be turned on if visibility is reduced.

Drivers that forget to turn on their lights at night or during bad weather will likely face a £50 fine, with some police officers issuing a £100 fixed penalty for careless driving and three penalty points.

The company recommended that motorists turn off the automatic headlights mode on their vehicle, which can often be done on the indicator stalk.

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