Boxing Day 2023: Best deals to not miss including Amazon

Boxing Day 2023: Best deals to not miss including Amazon

Here are the best Boxing Day sales for 2023 (Image: GETTY . SONY . DYSON . APPLE . DAILY EXPRESS)

If you’re looking for the best Boxing Day 2023 sales then look no further as we’ve compiled a big list of the best deals that you can get between now and the end of the year. 

Sales are in full swing with major retailers already cutting prices of products just after Christmas and it’s the perfect time to grab a deal if you missed the chaos that was Black Friday 2023. 

Stores are bound to see massive queues of customers, getting ready to spend all that Christmas money on discounted items up and down the UK. Meanwhile, online stores will also be slashing prices of products after the festive season and you could come away with a bargain. 

These days, you don’t need to leave your couch to get the deals straight to your screen so save that petrol and get ready for the best Boxing Day 2023 deals. In fact, you might find that some Boxing Day deals can only be found online so you’ll definitely want to stay home or keep abreast of the deals on your phone. 

If your pocket is feeling heavy with all that Christmas cash, Boxing Day sales are the best way to get that perfect deal – whether it’s on the latest tech or beauty product you have been eyeing up in 2023. 

Short on time? Don’t worry as we have compiled a list of the best deals for Boxing Day so you can click and browse without needing to queue outside stores. Some products include the lowest prices we have ever seen on some items so you might not want to sleep on those deals. 

We’ve also compiled some of the most popular sales from retailers like Amazon, Boots, Dunelm and more so you can browse yourself as we might not be able to catch every great deal during the sale. 

The best Boxing Day 2023 deals that we’ve found

With all the retailers shouting about their Boxing Day sales, sometimes it can feel incredibly overwhelming to try and get a good deal. 

Well, we have compiled some of the best deals we have seen so far so you can jump on them without scrolling endlessly and wondering if it’s the best bang for your buck. 

Below are some of the lowest prices we’ve seen on sought-after kitchen gadgets, tech, beauty, skincare and homeware, to refresh both your home and yourself for the start of the New Year.

All the stores that are taking part in Boxing Day sales 2023

When do Boxing Day deals start?

Just like Black Friday, you would be forgiven to think that Boxing Day sales start earlier every single year and we’re sure that this year is no exception. 

If you’re wondering when Boxing Day deals start, we have found that most sales take place just days before Christmas and a day after Christmas Day depending on the store.

Sales do start on Boxing Day but most online retailers have started them as soon as December 23 in some cases instead of December 26th.

There are some stores like Primark who do not sell online so many shoppers love to stand outside the store on Boxing Day to try and get the best deals they can. Despite the day is a public holiday, most retailers tend to reopen for the sales on Boxing Day so people can spend their Christmas gifts from friends and family.

If you want to find the best time to get a Boxing Day deal, keep a close eye on the websites and retailers you love to shop from as their deals could start as soon as December 23rd in some cases.

Why is Boxing Day associated with sales?


Queues outside stores on Boxing Day (Image: Getty)

If you’re wondering why Boxing Day is associated with sales, don’t worry as we’re going to explain it as best as we can.

St Stephen’s Day, also called Boxing Day, used to be associated with charity. After gifts were given out on Christmas Day, boxes used to be left at the local church before being given to those in need.

As we go forward to the 18th Century, Boxing Day became associated with outdoor activities. After families were cooped up inside their homes during Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Boxing Day would be a time when people would go outside. For the aristocracy, it would be associated with sports such as shooting, horse-riding and more.

It is still believed that the link between sales and Boxing Day comes from when employers would gift their employees Christmas boxes which would contain bonuses and gifts.

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