Baldur’s Gate 3 mod trades tired old lines for hidden companion quotes

Baldur’s Gate 3 mod trades tired old lines for hidden companion quotes

Is anyone else really tired of Tav and your Baldur’s Gate 3 companions saying the same few things on a loop? I’m personally sick of hearing Tav taking back wishing they lived in more interesting times or saying that everything didn’t end as bad as it could have, so lucky for me an impressively popular BG3 mod has a great fix.

As far as immersion-friendly Baldur’s Gate 3 mods go, More Reactive Companions from ‘Lightening Larry’ is one of the best. With over 10,000 unique downloads already, it does something simple in the RPG, while letting you hear more recorded lines from your favorite companions in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Basically, there are a slew of comments the Origin Baldur’s Gate 3 companions can only make if you’re actually playing as them while exploring or have chosen them as your Tav. These are all fully voice acted and add that extra bit of flavor to each character, their personality, and also the world around them.

Lightning Larry makes it so that if these origin characters are in your party but you’re not playing as them they’ll now say these lines in each relevant spot, instead of any more generic ones. This can be installed and get to work at any point in the game, and is the perfect way to breathe a touch more life into the Sword Coast and the people in it.

This mod doesn’t interfere with other dialogue and even chooses the party member who gets a line at random, so you won’t have characters talking over each other. If you’re controlling one of these companions their voice behavior will be normal, and you can even adjust the mod if you want to hear Tav speak more.

You can find Lightning Larry’s mod right here, and learn more about exactly how to install it there too.

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