Ather Energy Rolls Out Fresh Updates For 450X Scooters, Details Inside

Ather Energy Rolls Out Fresh Updates For 450X Scooters, Details Inside

Last Updated: January 03, 2024, 18:47 IST

Ather Energy Rolls Out Fresh Updates For 450X Scooters. (Photo: Ather)

Through an Over-The-Air (OTA) update, Ather Energy has added several new features to its onboard navigation system.

Ather Energy, an electric two-wheeler manufacturer based in Bengaluru, has released an Over-The-Air (OTA) update for the 450X that adds new functionality to the electric scooter’s navigation system.

The most recent OTA update for the Ather 450X includes minor enhancements to the Google Maps-based navigation system on the scooter’s dashboard, such as improved live traffic indicators and two-wheeler-specific routes.

The new features are intended to improve the navigation experience for both new and existing users.

Ather has been pushing technological boundaries by continuously innovating and perfecting the riding experience with the goal of transforming the electric scooter industry.

According to a press release from Ather, the new navigation system via OTA update provides an improved navigation experience for the 450X, the company’s flagship scooter.

Ather also claims to have updated the live traffic indicators on the digital console of the 450X, giving passengers a real-time picture of the flow of traffic as they travel. The following are the main features of the update:

Improved live traffic indicators: In order to give riders a real-time picture of the traffic conditions along their route, Ather Energy has updated the live traffic indicators on the scooter’s dashboard. By providing riders with accurate and current information, this improvement hopes to make their travels more comfortable.

Two-wheeler-specific routes in partnership with Google Maps: The Ather 450X will now be able to display two-wheeler-specific routes directly on the dashboard. The two-wheeler routes are provided in collaboration with Google Maps. This makes Ather Energy scooters the first and only in the world to offer navigation and routes designed specifically for two-wheeler riders, enhancing rider safety and convenience even further.

Enhanced Global Positioning System (GPS) latching: With this update, GPS latching has been significantly improved, guaranteeing an immediate connection as soon as the scooter is powered on. This improvement makes for a smooth navigation experience, enabling riders to set off on their journeys right away.

The navigation will be easier, faster, and more seamless as a result of this software update. According to the release, the update will be rolled out in stages and is expected to reach all Ather 450X scooters by the end of this month.

On the other hand, Ather is getting ready to introduce the 450X Apex, a brand-new electric scooter, in December 2024. Apex is anticipated to be the 450 lineage’s most performance-focused iteration to date, based on reports. In addition, it may be the priciest e-scooter in Ather’s collection, reports add.

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