All Dragon’s Dogma 2 characters

All Dragon’s Dogma 2 characters

Who are all the characters in Dragon’s Dogma 2? It’s been 12 long years since the first Dragon’s Dogma game, but now the sequel is so close to launching that we can finally start to get excited about it. Given the amount of previews and coverage on the game, there’s almost no chance we’re going to see a last minute delay.

You don’t need to have played the first game to understand the intentions or motivations behind each character in Dragon’s Dogma 2, so newcomers and fans alike will go into the RPG game without knowing much. There are certain mechanics that will make sense to returning players, like the Dragon’s Dogma 2 Pawns system, but newbies will pick up bits like this in no time. With the Dragon’s Dogma 2 release date right around the corner, here’s what you need to know about the DD2 characters.

All Dragon’s Dogma 2 characters

The way you treat the characters in Dragon’s Dogma 2 determines how much of a relationship you can have with them. While we don’t know the length of Dragon’s Dogma 2 just yet, try not to commit to any allegiances early on in the game to avoid locking yourself out of any interesting side quests.

For example, if you find yourself talking negatively about the royal family, there’s a strong possibility characters like Disa and Sven won’t want to talk to you. Likewise, this will have an impact on characters like Brant and Glyndwr as they seem to despise the royal family.

Here are the Dragon’s Dogma 2 characters we know about so far:

  • Brant
  • Disa
  • Doireann
  • Glyndwr
  • Lennart
  • Luz
  • Menella
  • Nadinia
  • Sven
  • Sigurd
  • Ulrika
  • Wilhelmina


Known as an honest and righteous palace guard captain, Brant spends his days helping the Arisen in hopes of saving Vermund, the kingdom of Humanity. Brant openly disapproved of the Queen Regent’s actions, which saw him demoted from the royal court.


The current Queen of Vermund after the death of her husband, Sovran. Disa’s grand plan is to introduce her son, Sven, as the next King. This explains why Brant was demoted from the royal court, because he believes the real Arisen is still out there, and it’s their place to become the new King or Queen.


A young Elf woman from the Elves’ home in the forest depths, Doireann is kind and welcoming to other races. She has spent time learning human language to communicate with the people of Vermund.


Similar to Doireann, Glyndwr takes a keen interest in humans, particularly in the tools they like to use. He’s also fluent in human language and is surprisingly welcoming to other races, despite the elf race’s natural deposition to be rather haughty.


One of the longest serving members of the fortress village of Melve, Lennart is the fighting maister and swordsman for the fort. Lennart has successfully protected Melve from a dragon attack in the past, and while he may be retired, his skills have not diminished since officially hanging up his boots.


Luz was once part of the Vermundian court, that was before she spoke out against the false Arisen who is currently in line to take the throne. She’s the Trickster maister, but you’re going to have to find Luz around the world as she’s currently in hiding.


Menella is a guard of the Lambent Flame, dedicated to the protection of the High Priestess, Empress Nadinia, and her acolytes. She is deeply concerned about discrimination between races, and following on from Nadinia’s lead, she strives to become a righteous person.


Nadinia is not only the High Priestess to the Lambent Flame, she’s also the leader of the Battahl, the Beastren’s kingdom. The High Priestess is known for her desire for peace and prosperity across Battahl, which is why she’s so popular among her people.


Arguably one of the most dangerous men in Vermund, Sigurd is a mystic Spearhand maister who hunts dragons for personal reasons. Sigurd wants nothing more than to see the extermination of the dragon race by his hand, which is why he trains every day to improve his combat skills.


The son of the Queen of Vermund, Sven is a nice person, though his kindness can be taken for weakness. Sven is unaware of his mother’s plan that will see him become the next King. Given Sven’s kindness, there’s a chance he would decline the offer to become the next King if he knew the truth.


When the Arisen gets wounded in a Dragon’s attack, Ulrika quickly arrives to help the Arisen return back to fighting strength. As the leader of Melve, her main goal is to train her people to look after themselves.


Wilhelmina owns the Rose Château, one of the busiest establishments located right in the center of Vermund’s capital.  She is both charming and intelligent, a dangerous combination when you factor in the clientele of the Rose Château, which includes many members of the nobility.

That’s all we know about the Dragon’s Dogma 2 characters so far, but stay tuned as we’re going to include more entries once we get our hands on the game at launch. If you want to know more about the dangerous foes to fight in Vermund, check out our Dragon’s Dogma 2 enemies guide. We also have a Dragon’s Dogma 2 preview for you to read if you want to know what we think about the co-op game before launch.

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