Acclaimed indie sim game is free to keep forever if you’re quick

Acclaimed indie sim game is free to keep forever if you’re quick

Automating your own job seems like a bad idea, especially if your bosses find out. But acclaimed indie sim Human Resource Machine makes a game of it as you negotiate your way through your Office Space-style workplace. And if you’re fast off the mark, you can get this brilliant brain-scratcher absolutely free on the Epic Games Store.

As was the case last year, the Epic Games Store has been giving games away on a daily basis. And while it doesn’t have you roaming around Tokyo hunting ghosts, Human Resource Machine is an absolute must-have if you’ve got a taste for indie sim games or puzzlers.

Human Resource Machine transports you to an office building and tasks you with working your way up the chain. Murder isn’t an option, instead you’ve got to use your brain to automate the tasks your boss throws at you.

But you’re not programming a computer, you’re teaching a cartoon office worker what to do, stringing commands together to have them complete whatever job you’ve been given.

Is that ethically questionable? Maybe, but it’s also a lot of fun. There’s a definite programming element but Human Resource Machine will ease you into things so you won’t start running around, yelling about 1s and 0s.

Don’t worry about things getting too dry, there’s plenty of silliness, not least because the game is from the developer behind World of Goo. Human Resource Machine is rated very positive on Steam (EGS lacks ratings) so you should absolutely grab this one before it’s gone.

To claim your copy of the game head over Human Resource Machine’s Epic Games Store listing (create an account if you don’t have one) and it’s yours to keep.

Once claimed, you can download and re-download Human Resource Machine whenever you want. But be fast, you’ve got less then a day before it’s replaced by a new freebie. And while you’re here, check out the best indie games and the best puzzle games.

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