Worried About Your Electric Scooter’s Range? Follow These Simple Tips

Worried About Your Electric Scooter’s Range? Follow These Simple Tips

Electric scooters are a growing segment within the automobile industry across India. (Photo: DIYguru)

Incorporating some tips into your routine, you can improve the range of your electric scooter and enjoy longer rides on a single charge without any tension.

Electric scooters are a growing segment within the automobile industry across India.

They offer advantages like affordability, convenience, and environmental friendliness, making them lucrative for buyers. Moreover, the skyrocketing price of petrol and tightening emission norms are also likely to make EVs a preference.

But with advantages come some drawbacks, and the most prominent issue that makes e-scooter owners worried is the range.

However, by incorporating these strategies into your routine, you can significantly improve the range of your electric scooter and enjoy longer rides on a single charge.

Keep OEM-prescribed Tyre Pressure

Maintain proper tyre pressure as recommended by the manufacturer, as it has a direct impact on an electric scooter’s range. A properly inflated tyre makes minimal contact between the tyre and the ground, resulting in reduced rolling resistance. This ensures the motor generates and consumes less power, while the battery pack conserves energy, allowing the rider to go an extra distance. Underinflated tyres, on the other hand, cause more tyre surface to touch the ground; increasing rolling resistance and making the engine work harder, consuming more energy.

Be Easy On Throttle And Brake

Always try to ride slowly and in power-saving mode, as speed modes shorten the battery’s range by draining it more quickly. A common rule of thumb is to ride slower on lower-end scooters and faster on high-end models. Riding slowly in power-saving mode extends the battery charge, resulting in a longer range for the scooter. Optimising riding style should include avoiding accelerating hard at every chance and hitting the brakes at every speed bump, as both drain valuable battery power. If you want to squeeze some extra kilometres out of the battery, try riding the scooter economically and be as gentle as possible on the accelerator and brakes, as reported by HT Auto.

Turn Off Unnecessary Electronics

Most new-age electric scooters come with an array of features like Bluetooth, smart navigation, etc. While riding, turn off these electronics to conserve battery power for better range. If you are riding during daylight hours, switch off the LED daytime running lights and headlamps, while Bluetooth and reflector lights can be easily turned off.

Maintain The Battery

While maintaining a healthy EV battery will not increase the range, it will prevent your electric scooter’s maximum range from decreasing. Most electric scooters are powered by lithium-ion batteries that have around 300–500 charge cycles or a lifespan of two to three years. Ensure that the battery is not fully exhausted, and always recharge it before it has less than 15 percent charge remaining. Also, avoid exposing the battery to excessive temperatures, as lithium-ion batteries perform best at temperatures around 25 degrees Celsius. Higher temperatures reduce battery life, and lower temperatures lead it to store less power.

Think Battery Upgradation

If your electric scooter’s existing battery is no longer meeting your needs, battery degeneration may be a possible way to re-energise it. You can try upgrading to a larger battery, which would provide a better range. You might also try changing to a higher-voltage battery if the EV is compatible. Aside from the greater voltage level, you may also examine the battery’s charge. The higher the Ah is, the more charge the battery can store, which results in a better range. Another alternative is to install a second battery. Adding a second battery will provide double power to the EV, and it is also safer because you don’t have to mess around with the wires and connectors. However, this increases the weight of the scooter and makes it take longer to be charged.

Monitor Weight

Just like engine-powered vehicles, electric scooters too have weight limitations. Avoid overloading the scooter with excessive cargo or passengers, as this can significantly impact the range. Notably, the total weight of the rider and the electric scooter determines how far the EV can travel between charges. The only mantra to achieve better range is to carry only the essentials and leave non-essential clutter behind to minimise the load on your scooter.

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