Tower Defense X codes January 2024 – free in-game cash

Tower Defense X codes January 2024 – free in-game cash

January 21, 2024: There’s a new Tower Defense X code in.

What are the new Tower Defense X codes? Promising all-out tower warfare unlike anything the various other Roblox TD games released over the years can offer, using codes is the best way to stay ahead of the curve in this new strategy experience. And be sure to redeem them quickly. Roblox codes don’t last forever. Without them, you risk falling behind in record speed.

The bite-sized nature of Roblox experiences means it’s entirely possible (and common) to master a few favourites at the same time. To help with the biggest out there, check out these Shindo Life codes for ninja adventures, Blade Ball codes to cut through the competition, and Blox Fruits codes to be the best pirate you can be.

New Tower Defense X codes

Here’s a list of working Tower Defense X codes, with the next TDX code expected at 125k likes:

  • atrazine – one gold (NEW)
  • johnroblox6 – 450 gold
  • johnrobloxforever – 500 gold and 1k XP
  • johnroblox5 – seven gold
  • johnroblox4 – 300 gold
  • Cost efficiency – free gold
  • johnroblox3 – in-game cash
  • johnroblox2 – in-game cash
  • johnroblox – 350 gold

Expired codes

No Tower Defense X codes have expired just yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

How to redeem Tower Defense X codes

Using the latest Tower Defense X codes is really easy. Just make sure you’re logged into the account you want to use and launch Tower Defense X via the Roblox app or site on whichever device you want.

Once it loads up, you can redeem TDX codes simply by tapping the megaphone button on the right side of the screen. You’ll see a load of other buttons there, too.

Type a working Tower Defense X code into the text box that appears and click the big claim button underneath. If it rewards in-game cash, the amount will be credited to your account automatically for you to use on new units or whatever else you can find.

How to get more Tower Defense X codes

Just like how it works with countless other Roblox games out there, Tower Defense X codes can be found by following the game closely, either via the TDX Twitter account or the TDX Discord server. There’s no  TDX Trello just yet, but one could surface down the line.

On top of those (and the TDX YouTube channel), you might see new codes before we post them here is the game’s Roblox page. That’s the one you access the game from.

The game description mentions both new codes and what requirement needs to be hit for another code to drop. This is typically achieved by the game hitting a certain Like count, total number of visits, or for special events, updates, downtime, and bug fixes.

Whenever you see an update land, there’s a strong chance a code has, too. So check back often. You can even get a one-time only bonus by joining the TDX group as well.

For a few more Roblox code guides to check out, you can get a similar experience with the latest Tower Defense Simulator codes. All Star Tower Defense codes can help you get up to speed in a classic experience on the platform, too. Tower Heroes codes are great for getting involved in an overlooked gem.


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