Sea of Stars DLC for indie GOTY will be “mysterious and wacky”

Sea of Stars DLC for indie GOTY will be “mysterious and wacky”

The upcoming Sea of Stars DLC, which is coming to a 2023 game that won indie of the year at The Game Awards no less, is going to be “mysterious and wacky” according to developer Sabotage Studio. The team behind The Messenger has already said this DLC should tie in with the platformer, and it’s sounding better by the minute.

It’s no secret that Sea of Stars is one of the best RPGs, and games full stop, of 2023. It’s an incredible homage to classics like Chrono Trigger while still bringing the genre forward into the modern era. We also know that a “fully-fledged side-adventure DLC” called Throes of The Watchmaker is on the way, and the team at Sabotage has given us an update on what to expect.

“Back in November, the team gathered for Sabobo Summit where the DLC for Sea of Stars was pitched, along with the vision for ‘Game 3,’” Sabotage says in a tweet.

“Work is going well with the mysterious and wacky DLC which has officially graduated from pre-production! Malevolent spectacle awaits…”

Throes of The Watchmaker certainly sounds wacky, especially considering Sabotage is going to use it to “provide additional insight on the narrative overarching all of our games.” That’s right, if you were unaware, all of Sabotage’s games take place in the same universe, and the Sea of Stars DLC wants to start tying them together.

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The success of this indie RPG feels unmatched, as Sea of Stars sold a staggering 100,000 copies in just one day and even got a 9/10 in our Sea of Stars review last year. I for one can’t wait to see what Sabotage does next.

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