Registration Plates: Here’s List of Different Colours of Numbers in India and Their Importance

Registration Plates: Here’s List of Different Colours of Numbers in India and Their Importance

Curated By: Shahrukh Shah

Last Updated: January 13, 2024, 18:25 IST

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To clear all the confusion about the different colours of registration plates in India, we have created a list, mentioning their significance and need in the country. 

As the auto industry in India started flourishing after a long COVID-19 break, the numbers of cars and sales began surpassing all the prior records lately. Nowadays, the country is witnessing a sudden spike of moving cars on roads, flaunting different colours of registration plates, which usually confuse people, forcing them to think why these plates are different from others.

Well, to clear all the confusion, and give a clear picture of why there is a need for different colours on registration plates, we have created a list, mentioning the significance of colours on number plates in India.

White Number Plate

Starting with the white plate with black numbers. which are most common in the country.  This type of registration plate is commonly used in private vehicles, and is issued by the RTO authorities, making the general public understand that such vehicles are being used privately by a single owner.

Yellow Number Plate

On the list, the Yellow colour number plates come on the second top, which are issued for commercial purposes only. These types of registration plates are being allotted to commercial vehicles including cabs, taxis and trucks.

Green Number Plate

As the mobility sector has gained a lot of popularity recently, a green plate with white digits on it has been added to the list. This registration number has been provided by the authorities for battery-powered vehicles such as e-scooters, cars, and motorcycles among others.

These vehicles have been introduced to reduce the use of internal combustion engines and contribute to the environment.

Blue Ragistration Plate

These are not so common in India as it only issued to foreign diplomats and overseas officers.  These plates generally feature different numbers on them, depending on the nation.

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