Palworld is so big it had to call “emergency meeting” with Epic Games

Palworld is so big it had to call “emergency meeting” with Epic Games

Palworld, the open-world survival game that is heavily inspired by Pokemon, is having an astronomical launch. In the 24 hours since the early access game came out it already eclipsed Starfield’s highest concurrent Steam player count, but the story doesn’t end there. So many of you have been playing the game that the Epic Games backend requires a fix just to make sure you can play online.

Palworld isn’t just dominating on Steam, as developer Pocketpair is already giving us stats for just how well the Pokemon-like with crafting, base building, and guns is doing. The survival game has exceeded 2 million copies sold in less than 24 hours, and across all platforms, the concurrents hit over 700,000 too – this is so big that Palworld servers struggled to keep up with demand.

Pocketpair says they’ve been in contact with Epic Games over co-op hosting issues, and a swift update means you should see “an improvement in connectivity” from here on out.

“Regarding the connection issues when trying to host co-op: The number of players exceeded 700,000 concurrent players, and a problem occurred in the Epic Games backend,” Pocketpair explains.

“We had an emergency meeting with the Epic Games team and had them add an update to the Epic Games backend at short notice. We have confirmed that this has resolved the connectivity errors and issues when hosting co-op games on Xbox and PC.”

Interestingly then, it looks like Pocketpair may have teamed up with Epic Games for the servers in Palworld, but even issues on the connectivity front haven’t stopped the game. Palworld is currently the top-selling game on Steam and second only to Counter-Strike 2 in the most-played category. Thousands of us are digging the Palworld multiplayer, that’s for sure.

Nothing can beat Valve’s cash cow of Counter-Strike, but seeing Palworld shoot up the charts and get pretty close is nothing short of astounding. People have an appetite for Pokemon-like games more adult in their framing, that’s for certain. Our Palworld review says as much, even if the game is thematically icky at times.

We were writing mere hours ago about how Palworld eclipsed Starfield on Steam, only for the game to now be right at the top of the charts with some of the most impressive day one numbers I’ve ever seen on Steam, let alone across Xbox and Game Pass too.

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If you’re looking for help in the game, we’ve got everything you need to know about snagging as many Palworld Paldium fragments as possible, alongside Palworld breeding and Palworld bosses.

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