Lion Door Knocker

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A lion door knocker is a bold statement piece that will bring a touch of elegance to your entrance. These door knockers feature a lion head with its mane and paws which are cast in solid brass. The brass lion door knocker is finished with a lacquer for an antique look and the back plate features an ornate pattern of vines and leaves. The lion door knocker is a heavy item and will be sure to let your guests know they are at the right house with just one tap. These door knockers make an excellent addition to a stately home and will compliment any style of door.

There are many different types of door knockers on the market from simple ones made out of iron to more elaborate brass and bronze versions. The lion head door knocker is one of the most popular options. It is often seen in Victorian and Georgian homes where it can add a sense of confidence to the front door. It is also often used in the doors of large country houses and estates as it can give an impression of power and grace.

The earliest door knockers were thought to have been used in Ancient Greece where it was customary for slaves to rap the ring of the door on arrival to alert their master that they were coming in. They continued to be used throughout the Roman Empire and into the Middle Ages where they were sometimes used as a way to signify that a woman was at home.

Lion Door Knocker

In the Renaissance period, door knockers took on a more ornate form with some featuring gods, nymphs, and cherubs as well as entire scenes from classical mythology being played out for fortunate house callers to appreciate. The lion was particularly popular and was the symbol of strength, courage and royalty so it was often found on the door of grand palaces as well as the average home.

With the start of the new millennium, a more American flavour came into play with door knockers being replaced by those featuring eagles which symbolized freedom and the power to fly high. The lion has again become popular in recent years and can be seen on the doors of many modern buildings as well as being a stylish accent to the classic home.

To make a brass lion door knocker, the carver will first create a wooden pattern of the lion’s head and this will be pressed into a mould to create a casting. The molten brass is then poured into the mould and left to cool down before it can be extracted from the casting and then polished and finished to produce the final product. The lion head door knocker is an elegant choice that will enhance any home and is available in several sizes to suit the needs of the homeowner. These knockers are very easy to install and come with all the screws that you will need to attach them to your door.

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