Is the run over for ORDI and MINA? Crypto investors eye new presale launching today called Pushd (PUSHD)

Is the run over for ORDI and MINA? Crypto investors eye new presale launching today called Pushd (PUSHD)

Ordinals (ORDI) and Mina (MINA) were among a promising crop of new contenders that went on big runs in 2023. However, as 2024 begins, their respective hot streaks should considerably cool down. Meanwhile, new presale project Pushd (PUSHD) has been attracting attention from experienced crypto observers, with many tipping the token to be one of 2024’s potential biggest gainers. Which of the three has more potential to generate greater gains in 2024? The evidence says it’s Pushd. Let’s examine why.

Rising Interest in Ordinals (ORDI) May Boost Token Prices in 2024

Ordinals enabled users to record data into a Satoshi, or the smallest unit in the Bitcoin ecosystem. This gave birth to ORDI, the first and largest BRC-20 token birthed out of the development. Ordinals token prices surged by 200% in Q4 2023, spurred on by rumors of enhanced speculation from Chinese interests associated with the Binance Smart Chain boom of 2021. Since its launch, millions of content creators have gone on to mint NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain after the success of Ordinals. This renewed interest, driven by a successful Binance listing in 2023, may generate a considerable increase in ORDI token prices in 2024.

Mina (MINA) Holders Sitting on 80% Gains

Mina (MINA) has become one of the hottest cryptos of this bull cycle, generating an 80% gain for MINA holders since Bitcoin has maintained a steady presence trading at the $43,000 mark. Mina markets itself as the world’s lightest blockchain supporting zero-knowledge proofs, becoming a hit with privacy and security-focused investors. Can Mina Protocol sustain its positive momentum in 2024 and compete with the new crop of exciting new blockchain protocols? Only time will tell.

Pushd (PUSHD) Presale Generating Hype Entering New Year 

The best opportunities to make substantial gains in the crypto world are in presales—and one recently-launched presale is making waves among the potential top gainers of 2024. Pushd (PUSHD) is creating the first Web3 ecommerce platform to rival Amazon and ebay in size also market share in the blockchain sector. In line with this, it is running a presale for its native (PUSHD) token where each token will be available at discounted prices of just $0.015. The token will support the entire Pushd decentralized marketplace ecosystem and swap service, enabling holders to perform a variety of transactions with low transaction fees, no listing charges, no KYC requirements, and direct P2P transactions. 

Crypto observers are tipping (PUSHD) for a potential 20x to 40x increase from launch prices in the event of a bull market in 2024. In terms of upwards price potential, Pushd is primed for a pump—one with bigger potential gains than Ordinals or Mina within the next 6 months. Pushd is creating a long-awaited solution for a decentralized marketplace, which has all the support to gain traction in the years to come.

The Final Word

Ordinals and Mina are examples of top-100 cryptos with a good chance of generating up to 2x to 3x in gains in the event of a bull market. However, if price ceiling is the deciding factor, Pushd blows them both out of the water. Considering Pushd’s low market cap, real-world utility, and capable development team to oversee the project, joining the (PUSHD) presale is a superior decision for the growth-focused investor.

For more information about the Pushd (PUSHD) Presale, visit their website.

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