Get this massive ASUS ROG OLED gaming monitor at its lowest ever price

Get this massive ASUS ROG OLED gaming monitor at its lowest ever price

Despite the growing popularity of self-emissive panels, scoring a worthwhile OLED gaming monitor deal can still prove hard to find. Enter the Asus ROG Swift PG42UQ, a prime example of a big and beautiful bargain for those with the space for a sizeable screen.

As I note in our ROG Swift PG48UQ review, the bigger brother of the PG42UQ, these displays make for some of the best gaming monitors if you can accommodate them. While the size of these Asus screens naturally makes up much of their appeal, the specs of their OLED panels are nothing to sniff at, especially at this price.

Down from its usual list price of $1,399.00, the PG42UQ can now be yours for just shy of four figures, at $999.99. That makes for a saving of $400, or 29% if you’ve a penchant for percentages.

The PG42UQ comes equipped with a 4K OLED panel that supports refresh rates up to 138Hz, thanks to its Nvidia G-Sync Compatible certification. Adding to the speculator selection of specs, it offers excellent color reproduction, covering 98% of the DCI-P3 color space, and its per-pixel dimming makes contrast similarly sublime, particularly for HDR gaming.

While the PG42UQ is naturally best appreciated from an adequate distance, like a television, it does offer aspect ratio control features that effectively shrink its display. Whether you’re after a 24, 27, or 34-inch display to work from or game on, you’re well catered for.

Asus has also included a custom heatsink that reduces the temperature of the OLED panel to enable higher brightness and mitigate image retention (burn-in). However, like any self-emissive monitor, you’ll need to take adequate care of the display to best avoid this drawback.

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