Diablo 4’s first-ever PTR is now live on Battle.net

Diablo 4’s first-ever PTR is now live on Battle.net

Season 4 is going to bring some massive changes to Diablo 4, and PC players have a chance to check them out ahead of time right now. The first-ever Diablo 4 PTR is now live, so you can go hands-on with the updates to several of the game’s core systems.

As we’ve reported, the Diablo 4 season 4 release date has been delayed until May 14. That’s in light of the scale of the changes coming along with it – they’re extensive, and touch many of the core systems governing the game’s loot and gear progression. This PTR is Blizzard’s chance to collect as much player feedback as it can on the proposed changes to the RPG game’s loot, crafting, and upgrade systems, and incorporate that into the patch that arrives when Season 4 launches next month. The PTR will run April 2 – 9.

You’ll need to own a copy of Diablo 4 on Battle.net in order to play the PTR. It requires a separate install from the main branch, and you can find that by clicking the Game Version drop-down menu directly above the Play button on the Diablo 4 page in Battle.net.

If you jump into the PTR today, be aware that you won’t be able to use the Campaign Skip feature immediately – Blizzard says it plans to add that in an upcoming patch. Until then, you’ll have to complete the prologue with your PTR character and then track down the Boost NPC in town. With the boost, your character will instantly be advanced to level 100 and receive 100 million gold, 1,000 obols, and a complete set of (randomized) rare gear.

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